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No matter the case, we are confident that our team is the right team to treat all of your dental needs.

Milling from Impressions

Our mission is to provide the absolute highest levels of general, implant, and cosmetic dentistry around.

Quik Turn Around

Have a patient you need a crown or bridge for in a hurry? We can get it to you at least a weeks time. Call at (916) 550-0259


Looking for the whitest teeth around? Well we are pros at making the yellow back to pearly white.


A crown restores a tooth to its normal shape, size, and function. Good thing we’re the best in class.


Sometimes, teeth need to be removed due to decay, disease, or trauma. Bridges can cover the area. We’ve got you covered.

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Crowns and Bridges

We would like to introduce the new BruxZir zirconia product line. BruxZir Anterior delivers color and translucency similar to natural dentition while still exhibiting an average flexural strength of 650MPa. Highly recommended for a 3 unit bridge.

BruxZir Anterior